Lamest 1 in 1 ever: Multiple PC Cleanup

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So I’m teaching and participating in ITP Camp this month, and one thing on the schedule for today is a 1 in 1:

  • Start and complete a creative project in 24 hours (you don’t need to work on it through the night – but nobody will be surprised if you do.)
  • It can be anything creative – there are no rules here
  • The Counselors will be around to help you out with tutorial and brainstorming
  • Each project needs a name and documentation posted by Monday morning – you can document it in the Campers Blog!
  • You’re encouraged to exhibit your completed project at ITP during the week!

Okay okay so cleaning up my Windows laptop so it boots in less than 15 minutes isn’t exactly creative, but it’s meant to enable creativity for the rest of the month by freeing up space and making things faster. This might be one of my problems…

I also have a Windows machine at work that’s almost as full. This will all change in the next 24 hours. If you have any tips on cleanup/defragmenting/cloud services/backup software/etc., please leave them in the comments! I’ll spare you the updates since I’m fairly sure you can imagine how this ends.