Guided parachutes and Making Things Move

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I’m currently working on contract at Atair Aerospace 4 days a week while I work on my book, Making Things Move, for McGraw-Hill. I was contacted by Paul Bartlett, the VP of Engineering and former coworker at Honeybee Robotics, because they needed a mechanical designer to stand in for their full time employee that took a 4 month sabbatical to work on a research project in Antarctica. Random coincidence, yes, but it’s working out very well. It’s pretty amazing to work on guided parachute mechanisms while watching sunsets behind the statue of liberty in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

As I mentioned, I’m also working on a book for McGraw-Hill. Check out for more information on the book, as well as a blog I’ve just started to cover the process of writing a technical book as well as anything related to making things move I come across in the process.