Dustyn Robots offered first business credit card

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Actually, the offer from American Express was mailed to Dustyn Robot, my official company name:

You see, Dustyn Robot is registered as a sole proprietorship. In NY state (not sure about others), you can’t register a sole proprietorship with a name that ends in an S that makes it plural – believe me, I tried. So when I register as an LLC one of these days, it will be Dustyn Robots, but for now, I’m just one robot.

Although it would be nice to have a shiny gold business card, I track all my income and expenses on my existing cards through mint.com and it’s working out great for now. Actually, I just finished my 2009 taxes and it took the whole weekend, so I’m looking forward to using mint.com to categorize expenses as I go this year. Cheers to free online tools!