Design something that solves a problem

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These are mostly notes for a discussion section I’m leading at ITP Camp, but I thought gathering them with links here would be useful.

James Dyson Award
–What they’re looking for:
* demonstrates a significant and practical purpose, offering real benefits to the end user
* is ideally a working prototype
* is designed with sustainability in mind
* is commercially viable

How to come up with the next best thing…

1) Start – Now
Ignore the lizard

2) Find the Product Opportunity Gap (POG)
Become USER driven, not TECHNOLOGY driven
-story of the alarm clock

Where OXO is positioned – with help from Smart Design

Find the pain, brainstorm a solution.

Brainstorming techniques:
Individual vs. Group
Generate as many ideas as possible

Narrow down your idea… weighted matrix

3) Get your $hit together
Learn what you need to know, or assemble a team of people who already know it. It helps to be T-shaped and recruit T-shaped people.

That’s where ITP Camp comes in!

Follow Your Pez Dispenser
Practice Your Pitch

*A lot of these notes are from Creating Breakthrough Products. Here’s a link to the book website and where you can buy the book