Awarded Eyebeam Residency!

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Although I found out on February 11th, the official press release is out – I’ll be joining Eyebeam as one of their winter/spring residents for 2010! I’m so excited I really can’t wait to get started. It feels amazing to be given the chance to work on something I created. My project for the 5 months will be to finish writing my Making Things Move book, and develop the projects, kits, book art, and companion website throughout that time. My goal is to publish as much of the development and project plans as I can to make the material as accessible as possible. Orientation is March 1st, and my work with Atair Aerospace is winding down, so I’m looking forward to spending the majority of my time on book related work! Most of my posts from March 1 through July 31st, the term of the residency, will be book related so will posted on my book’s companion site instead of here.