Apparently I’m not alone…

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Freelancer’s Union sent out an email today with a link to an article From corporate slave to dream job. I can’t believe membership in Freelancer’s Union increased 40% from Oct 2008 to April 2009! And that I was one of them! I was laid off from Honeybee Robotics during downsizing in March 2009, and it really has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, like this article mentions. I never would have left a comfy salary to pursue writing a book or working for startups like I have been doing since I left. I’m enjoying myself more every day and what started as just picking up part time jobs has turned into a career as a consulting engineer, teacher, and author. I’m enjoying the flexibility, and the discipline that comes with working hourly vs. working on salary is a refreshing cause and effect scenario that keeps me on my toes.

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