I first studied the subject of Biomechanics in a class taught by Dr. Yoky Matsuoka at CMU called Human Systems and Control. I became fascinated with how our body coordinates movement for our more than 200 muscles with such grace and lack of voluntary input. Even recreating a seemingly simple task, like grasping a glass of water, took years of research to master. I’m also interested in how movement patterns, from every day walking to sports related actions, can be optimized for the desired output or retrained if the original movement is incorrect/pathological. One day I’ll create a motion training system that trains me to hit a volleyball like Kerri Walsh.

Healing Feet, LLC

I worked part time with Dr. Josef Geldwert in a private clinical setting involved with assessing gait as well as measuring and visualizing pathomechanical events. We used Zebris WinFDM-T and Contemplas software with an instrumented treadmill and synchronized video camera to map the effects of orthotic treatment. We also used The Orthotic Group’s GaitScan system in the office as well as at local clinics to asses biomechanics and create custom orthotic devices.

Global Biomechanical Solutions

Global Biomechanical Solutions assists insurance companies and insurance defense law firms with identifying claims that can be defended with biomechanical experts. I worked on a handful of reports for them in which I analyzed the available evidence, consulted the latest literature, and then detailed whether the necessary injury mechanisms were present to cause the claimed injuries.

Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Delaware

During my Master’s degree I was a research assistant in the Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory of the Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, advised by Dr. Thomas Buchanan. I completed research on muscle modeling parameters using ultrasound imaging that led to two publications in respected industry journals. During this time, I also volunteered at UD’s Physical Therapy Clinic and the inpatient rehabilitation clinic of the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children, which also happens to have the cutest gait lab I’ve ever seen.

Cardio Kinetics

Cardio Kinetics provides preventative health care to individuals, companies, and other organizations. My favorite client center of theirs was the Newark Senior Center where I managed the exercise center a few evenings a week while in graduate school. A lot of the seniors had high blood pressure or other health risks so I was constantly monitoring their vital signs and serving as a health resource.

Neurobotics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University

During my senior year at CMU I participated in honors research in Dr. Yoky Matsuoka’s Neurobotics Lab. I worked with a graduate student of hers on a Portable Wearable Movement Tracking System designed to track limb movements accurately and continuously records people’s movements to capture abnormal neuromuscular control, biomechanical disorders, sports movements and injuries. I spent most of my time reading and sewing together modules from neoprene and velcro to make the electronics wearable. Her lab has since relocated to the Neurobotics Lab at the University of Washington.